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Waterford(07) 3804 5124

2-8 Woodlands Blvd, Waterford, QLD, 4133


What’s your style?

At Paradigm Homes we understand that unique style is at the heart of the perfect home, and we are committed to combining your individuality with our modern flair to create a home that is truly yours. Investing our time, expertise and care into designing your perfect home, we meticulously plan every last detail and source the best quality materials to bring your vision into reality.

Visit our display homes to see what Paradigm Homes has to offer. Sit and relax in the café while you look over our homes and decide which is right for you.

Complete Turnkey

MORE Style MORE quality MORE value and MORE included as standard.Your home will be complete with the top of the line products and the expert craftsmanship that you deserve, ready to move into on completion.

What does paradigm style offer?

Paradigm style is modern, effortless and welcoming. Combining our design expertise with your individuality makes for a truly remarkable home.


Complete, Comfortable and welcoming, Paradigm Homes are ready to move into right away.


With quality inclusions our homes promise style as well as comfort.


No extra work is needed, making our homes perfect to live in, rent or resell.


Family is the heart of any home, and ours are carefully designed with this in mind.

Need help designing? Head to our inspiration page