What is a soil test and contour survey?

Paradigm Homes will undertake a soil test and contour survey to find out the soil type and therefore design the right foundations. The Contour survey is a scale drawing of your block showing the fall of the land, service connection points, easements and any pre-existing features.


What is fill?

Fill is the soil added to the original land contours to create a level building platform. Fill and the depth of the fill (if any) will be outlined on your disclosure plan.

What is ‘compaction’?

Compaction is the compacting of existing fill on your site. Developers will require the compaction meets Level 1 testing in accordance with Australian Standards.

Why do you use waffle slabs?

We use waffle slabs because they are the most cost-effective slab design for homes and allow for minor movement of the ground under the slab due to climatic conditions.


What are piers?

Piers are a method of reinforcement underneath your slab as part of engineering. The piers are concrete and usually placed under the slab until they reach hard soil or rock, the slab is then placed on top. The number and depth of the piers required are site specific and are determined by engineers.

What is the 6-star energy rating and what does it mean?

All standard Paradigm homes comply with 6-star energy efficiency. However, due to structural changes that our clients make, sometimes they no longer comply, and other items need to be included. Items that may need to be added may include double-glazing on windows, additional insulation and special doors to ensure your home complies with a 6-star rating.


Why are downpipes placed to the front of the facade?

As per Australian building regulations, one downpipe must serve no more than a 12 m length of gutter and must be located as close as possible to valley gutters.


What is the standard ceiling height?

The standard ceiling height with Paradigm Homes is 2440mm. You can upgrade to 2590mm or 2740mm ceiling heights to meet your lifestyle and budget. You also will have a choice between either FC or Brick Infills and whether you wish to raise your head and door heights throughout the home. 

What is the difference between FC in-fills and brick in-fills?

FC sheeting is a cladding product that is standard on most of our homes above any openings. Our Facades (facing the street) have Brick Infills as standard. You can upgrade to brick in-fills in these areas if you desire.

What is a bulkhead?

A bulkhead is simply a change of the ceiling heights. At Paradigm Homes bulkheads are used instead of expansion joints and are a stylish feature, especially in the kitchen to define it as a separate area from the living and dining spaces.

What is a niche?

A niche is an alcove or recess in the wall. Niches are most commonly used in showers as a shelf, hallways to present artwork or in a lounge area for the TV and built-in joinery.



This 16-18 week build timeframe is based from your official Site Start to Practical Completion. This timeframe may vary depending on any delays that may be claimed as part of any inclement weather.

Why can’t construction of my new home begin as soon as my contract is signed?

Generally, we are waiting on items such as your finance approval, land settlement and building approval in that order. Our aim is to get you into your home as soon as possible, so rest assured we are working hard to make this period of time as short as possible.


Can Paradigm Assist in finance?

We have a variety of finance partners who can assist you in organising your finance. By partnering with the best finance brokers gives you access to over 40+ different banks and lenders to ensure the perfect finance options are secured for your situation

What does ‘subject to finance’ mean?

It means your contract is only valid if you obtain unconditional finance for the contract amount. If finance approval is not obtained it gives our consumers the right to cancel their contract if their loan is declined.

Can Paradigm apply for my First Home Owner Grant?

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply for your First Home Owner Grant. Your bank and or broker will be able to assist with your application.

What are “Turnkey” inclusions?

Turnkey inclusions are a completed inclusions level ready to move into on completion. At Paradigm our complete turnkey homes are finished with an inclusions package that you simply expect when building a new home.

What are “standard” inclusions?

Standard inclusions are fixtures and features that are included in the price of your new home as standard. At Paradigm Homes we provide ‘’turnkey’’ inclusions as standard. Any of these items can be upgraded to meet your lifestyle and budget. These upgrades can be added when working with your New Home Sales Consultant during the Estimate and Tender phases. 

What is a facade?

The facade is the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space.

When can I sign my Build Contract?

Our Sales Manager will contact you to make a time to sign your contract once you have completed the Tender phase. The appointment will generally take an hour of your time depending on how many questions you may have.

What are ‘design guidelines’?

Design guidelines (also known as covenant) are set by the developer of an estate. They are to ensure every home within the estate has a look and feel of high standards. Your developer guidelines can affect your façade, colour selections, external material selection and fencing type to name a few.

What is ‘Covenant approval’?

Covenant Approval is the approval given by the developer stating the conditions that apply when building in the residential estate have been met with your new home. At Paradigm Homes we will complete this with the developer on your behalf as part of our service. Whilst Paradigm Makes every effort to meet the covenant’s guidelines, if any of them are not met, we will have to provide a variation to meet the obligation.

What is land registration?

Land registration is a system for the recording and providing of information and evidence concerning ownership, possession or other rights in land and land transactions. Once the developer has registered the land with the local council, they will then call for you to settle on your block (providing you have finance approval in place).

What is Land Settlement?

Land settlement is the legal process undertaken to transfer ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer. A property settlement is facilitated by your conveyancer or solicitor and finance manager. The settlement date is set by the seller and written into the contract of sale.


How Long Does the Building Approval Take?

The Building Approval generally takes between 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of jobs in the system. Paradigm Homes will engage a private certifier, 24-48 hours after receiving your settlement confirmation, to lodge your new homes building approval application.

Can I go out on site?

At Paradigm Homes we have scheduled site meetings during construction with your site supervisor. You are more than welcome to attend your site regularly; however, you will need to be accompanied by your site supervisor for safety reasons.

How can I book an additional site meeting?

Additional site meetings can be booked through the Paradigm Homes main phone line. Your client support manager will then be in contact to confirm your appointment.


The home you choose is the home we’ll provide complete with the top of the line products and expert craftsmanship.


Paradigm Homes is built around the family values of trust and honesty, there are never any hidden costs or undesirable surprises.


We pride our business on being open, transparent and are dedicated to providing an optimal service customers know they can trust.


At Paradigm we’re here to help you every step of the way and are committed to transform our great house into your perfect home.


We’re the leading turnkey home builder for choice, quality and value! with no hidden surprises and all of the luxuries you have come to expect as standard. With the best and most comprehensive turnkey inclusions in the market you’ll see for yourself the true value and advantages of a complete turnkey home. 

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