Our Home Designs and Packages

Covering most budgets and needs, Paradigm Homes offers a coastal, turnkey and designer solution for each of the house designs to suit you and your family. All based upon the same home structure, you can purchase one of our homes at the stage that best meets your requirements.

Colorbond National Tiles Panasonic
PGH Rinnai Smartstone

What does paradigm style offer?

Paradigm style is modern, effortless and welcoming. Combining our design expertise with your individuality makes for a truly remarkable home.

Warm home

Complete, Comfortable and welcoming, Paradigm Homes are ready to move into right away.

Design finished

With quality inclusions our homes promise style as well as comfort.

Great investment

No extra work is needed, making our homes perfect to live in, rent or resell.

Family home

Family is the heart of any home, and ours are carefully designed with this in mind.